H1B Risks on joining new employer on Transfer Receipt - Covid19 pandemic


Need help and guidance on my below query:

I have a valid I797 approval notice with i94 attached until 31Dec2020 from my current employer A.
Now, I got my offer letter from my new employer B and currently H1B premium processing is suspended + lots of global job crisis due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.
Scenario: If I join the new employer B on H1B Transfer receipt then -
a. What if my current employer withdraws my existing H1B visa and my new H1B transfer petition is denied ?
b. Can the new employer again file my fresh H1B or do I need to leave USA ?
c. Is it possible to ask my new employer to file for H1B Transfer and convert the petition into premium once premium processing resumes ?

Kindly help and advise.

I suggest to read this:

If transfer is denied and your old Employer has withdrawn the petition, you will have to leave US.

Your employer can file new petition but you would not be able to stay in US after denial. You can come back once the new petition is approved.

Petition can be converted to premium anytime.

Thanks a ton Anil for your valuable inputs in guiding.

Just have last couple of queries:

  1. As you said, worst case old employer withdraws current H1B petition and new H1B filed by new employer gets denied and I leave USA. In this case, do I need to again go through the H1B lottery system with my new employer or are there any other options available refile the H1B petition to travel back to USA.
  2. Lastly, just in case assuming my new H1B petition is denied do I get 60 days grace period or do I need to leave immediately within 10 days

You don’t get any grace period if H1B is denied. Grace is only for job loss and not denials.

If you have not completed the H1B 6 year quota, then, you are eligible for cap exempt H1B Transfer even if you are outside US.