H1B RFE Response Wait Time - California Transferred to Vermont, New H4 Rule applicability

Hi Anil,
Please advise on my situation/Queries as per below time line:

H1B Extension + Amendment - Submitted on Jun 8, 2018 to California location
Case Transferred to Vermont - Jan 24th, 2019
H4 EAD Submitted - March, 4th 2019
RFE Issued on - Feb 12th, 2019
RFE Responded on - May 8th, 2019
H4 EAD transferred to Vermont - Jun 10th, 2019
Current USCIS status - Response received (Not saying that review under progress)

Query: 1. When to expect RFE review response from USCIS? As H4 EAD transfer happened on Jun 10th, does that mean H1 RFE response can be expected sooner?
Query: 2 Does new H4 rule of getting finger print applicable in my case?

Appreciate your help and support.

Hi @ImmigrationQuestions

Looks like you are copy pasting your question from somewhere on this forum. I say this because your question is marked as spam by system automatically.

Please do not post the same thing on multiple websites.

H4 Biometrics not applicable

Coming to your question, H4 bio-metrics in NOT applicable in your case as you filed it before March 22, 2019.

RFE response processing time

At this time, the RFE response processing time is more than 70 days on average.

Thanks Anil. As I was not getting response which usually not a case, so I thought of posting it again. Anyways I got your point. Appreciate it

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