H1B Processing Time Tracker Feature List


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The user driven H1B processing time tracker is available here:

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Feature List Requests

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  1. Show the receipt number for the best case approval case.
  2. It would be good to add another date along with the best case approval and this date will be the best case approval for that day instead of all time. It would give us good idea about the dates USCIS is processing for that day as rarely and randomly they will pick future date for processing, and showing this date all time will probably mislead everyone.
  3. Done - Add ‘Amendment/Transfer/Extension’ information with each case.

Features Currently Available

  1. Add your receipt number and valid status to see cases around your receipt date and receipt number.
  2. H1B approval best case date and processing time.
  3. ‘Amendment/Transfer/Extension’ information with each case.