H1B Prevailing wage- 15-1199 Computer Occupations, All Other

Hi, On my LCA for H1B Extn/Amend, my prevailing wage (Level 2) is far less than what I get actual wage from my employer. Which wage, DOL will be considering when they review my LCA during H1b extn decision process. Will it raise a concern for my H1b extn ?


Why is your wage actual wage different than what is mentioned on LCA?

Thank u for your reply. My actual salary(employer Wage) is more than current LCA prevailing wage and that is what I was offered to me when I joined the employer and they wont reduce. But my LCA prevailing wage is very less. My question is: will this trigger any negative impact on H1b approval ?


It is okay if prevailing wage is lower than your actual salary.

But, the actual salary should also be mentioned on LCA.

Thanks Anil.
Also, more issue with the Wage level… For same Job role(per PRD) for a different client(prev client), the prevailing wage level was III(3), now with the current extn, the Job role is same and Prevailing wage level is II(2). Please comment.

Thanks again

I do not think it should be an issue.