H1B premium for extension

Hi All,

Is the premium window currently open for H1B visa extension? and also any idea when this will be closed usually every year. Thank you.

Hi @Vicky_singh

Premium processing is open for all H1B applications. There is no fixed time to close premium processing. Not sure who told you this information.

USCIS closes premium processing only when they feel it is required.

thanks @Anil_Gupta for the info…do you know how long does it take to receive receipt notice once after the premium is filed.

Premium processing receipt is sent to attorney by email within 1-2 days. Paper receipt can take 2-10 days.

Hi @Anil_Gupta …my employer submitted my premium request on 28-Oct-19 for my extension and today status of my request in USCIS shows RFE is sent…do you know how long does it take for attorney to receive what RFE is and what docs are being asked ? also is there any deadline to share RFE response in premium process?

Hi @Vicky_singh

RFE details will be sent by USCIS by standard USPS mail and you can expect to receive them in 1 day to 3 weeks.

USCIS usually gives about 60 - 90 days to respond to RFE. The premium clock re-starts from day 1 when you submit your RFE response.

thanks so much for info @Anil_Gupta … this helps

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