H1b POE interview questions

Hello Anil,

Hope you are doing well.

Could you please answer me on few questions?

  1. I came to my home country in March 2020 for h1b visa stamping.(Asked docs to submit which i did in week after interview on 4th march 2020). I got my visa approved in Feb 2021 after so many follow ups.

Question - Can i travel USA in March 2021 since on visa stamp VO has already mentioned that i am exempt from PP 10052 rule.?

  1. Also, my USA employer was not paying me while i was in my home country. They did pay me till August 2020. After that I joined different employer here in my home country till March 2021.

Question:- Now I am traveling back to USA soon, how to show if CBP officer asked me to show employment verification letter? What should my employer has to mentioned in letter? Should they have to mentioned that i am employed with them since i joined.? How to fill gap when i worked in india for 6 months with different employer? does it really matter or it should be ok to say i was working with different employer in india but going to join my US employer back since i stuck in home country due to covid?


It does not matter. You can work for any employer in India, as it does not require any H1B. Mention the exact date/month in the letter. Get a offer letter from your US employer,as you are actually joining again and would be treated as new employment. I do not see any issues in this