H1b petition got rfe can we apply for new petition for same client and with same employer

My h1b petition got an rfe when i changed my role to full stack java developer from programmer analyst because i kept same roles and responsibilities . Can i apply for new petition with programmer analyst before my current i94 expires with same client and same employer.

Hi @prudveer_gudipuri

Yes, you can apply for it.

You can file as many applications as you want. There is no restriction.

If you want to go back to same profile, i would suggest to ask your employer to withdraw the application that got RFE and then apply a fresh application with older profile.

On the other hand, you can choose to keep the RFE application active and still file a new H1B application.

Its your choice.

Let me know if you need more information.

Well, the role has to be carefully chosen based on your educational and on-the-job experience.

I cannot really comment on what role you can chose without looking at the details.

Your attorney is the best person to guide you on the role as he has all the details about your profile.

On the RFE thing, it is your choice what you want to do.
If you application is not in ‘premium’, the RFE will also take good amount of time to get response.