H1b pay lesser than petition

Hi, I am planning to go for h1b visa stamping for the first time and in my h1b petition salary is mentioned as 82000 and In my paycheck I am getting paid 76000.
Is it ok ? will be there any problem?
My employer is saying that 82K includes your health care, 401k, paid vacation so few thousand salary difference is ok
what do you say?
H1b approved in end of February 2020
and I got H1b COS (h4 to H1b) approved document in March but I starting working only from June 2020 . My 2020 W2 is having only 41000, half of my lca.
Is there any problem during visa interview for delay start working date . I have paycheck from June 1.2020

@Anil_Gupta please help with your advice