H1B options after 60 day grace period

I was laid-off by my company in Oct 2020. I have my i94 active until 04/17/2022 and have only been on H1B for 2.5 years. I could not find any new employment in the next 60 days so I travelled to Canada before the status expired. It is now past 60 days. Can I still attend interviews with potential new employers in the USA? If yes, what will be the process to regain my H1B status and move back the USA.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

Are you still in Canada? If so then I believe you will need an approved I797 before you can enter back in the US. Your I94 resets once you leave the country. There is a chance that after you get an approved I797 from your future employer, you might still need to visit the US consulate and get a new H1 stamp (I maybe wrong about this given you still have a stamp valid till 04/17/2022)

Thank you Pratik. I am still in Canada and applying for US positions as of now. Will the new employer(when I find one) need to file a regular H1B Transfer or does this situation need a different process? I am just trying to understand what my options are so I can explain better when I find new employer.