H1b Noid - USCIS response time


I am a full time employee and my company filed H1B amendment + extension and I got NOID after responding to the RFE regarding my qualifications
I have B.Tech in ECE and have 12 years of experience but USCIS is saying I have only 3 years (which is the experience with my current company)
When they responded to RFE , the case was upgraded to premium and I got NOID after that. Attorney responded ( they said even before they sent all the documentation and attorney was not very sure on what to do )
Considering the above , could you please help me with the below questions ?

  1. As the case was upgraded to premium when they responded to RFE , does the premium still apply ? what is the timelines usually for USCIS to respond to the NOID

  2. As my I94 expired , is there an option for my current employer attorney to file a new H1B extension as a consular petition ? Hopefully they wont stop premium :frowning:

  3. If yes on the above question 2 , I am eligible for dropbox , so what are the delays in getting the dates (covid)