H1b - Is scrum master considered as speciality job?

Can you please tell me can I apply h1 b on scrum master role.

I have bachelors degree in electrical and having 10 years for testing exeperience.
Right now I am on H4 ead status and working as scrum master.

Can I apply h1 b as a scrum master and what are the approval chances?
Is scrum master considered as speciality job?

Thank You

If you can prove that scrum master requires special education and a degree to perform job functions, then you may be eligible.

You can also prove the speciality occupation if you have gained specific work experience in scrum specific software or tools.

There is no specific degree for scrum master but I have certifications and trainings.Can I show those?
And related to experience I have present and past job experience as scrum master.
Will that work?

You should give whatever experience letter or certification you can.

Also, it is very important to frame the job description in a way that it clearly shows the job is a specialty occupation and requires special skills. Generic statements in job description will not work.

Thanks a lot @Anil_Gupta