H1B & H4 stamping after extension


My wife and I are planning to go on vacation for a couple of weeks to India. Here are my questions, Please check and provide your response.

My wife is on H-4 and I am on H1-B

Most Recent Date of Entry: 2017 April 10
Class of Admission: H1B
Admit Until Date: 07/10/2019

H1-B & H4 Extension was done in the USA: Receipt Valid from 11/10/2018 to 11/09/2021
H1-B amendment was done later in Dec 2018: Receipt Valid from 01/08/2019 to 11/09/2021

Receipt number:

  1. Which receipt number should I use while filling Ds-160? H1b amendment one or the previous H1-B extension?


  1. I believe that I am eligible for Dropbox (VISA Interview Waiver). Is that correct? Does DS-160 needs to be filled and appointment also needs to be booked similar to VISA interview?

  2. will there be biometrics too if we are eligible for Interview waiver?

  3. Even though I am eligible for drop box, will I be able to choose interview?

  4. Regular vs Dropbox: which one is faster?

  5. My wife plans to leave early from India in a week. Ex: Attending interview/dropbox on Monday, picking the passport till Friday and take the flight on Friday. is that a reliable option? Please suggest

Thanks in advance

You have to use the most receipt H1B approval receipt number while filling DS-160. This would be amendment as it is most recent application.

You can check your dropbox eligibility here.

You can be called for interview even if your drop documents. It depends on visa officer who works on your case.

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Thank you, for sharing the details Anil.
I am going through the dropbox eligibility link that you shared. I need a clarification to answer the question , ‘My prior visa is NOT annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”. *’

My wife did receive a 221 G blue slip last time (Sep , 2018) when she went for H4 stamping. And on the third day her VISA was approved. But Now her VISA doesn’t have words like “Clearance received” or “Department Authorization”. But there is a word ‘Annotation’ just above the my name : PA LastName, FirstName.

so what should be the answer to this question?

I got the answer from the link that you have shared. Please confirm

For DS 160 – Prior visa annotated question, check your visa stamp (foil) in your passport for this text:

  1. Clearance Received OR
  2. Department Authorization

If you do have this text, then you have to answer Yes to this question on DS-160 form or while checking Dropbox facility.

Can you share the screen shot of most recent visa?

I shared the screenshot with you. Please check and let me know

Did you get a chance to take a look at the screenshot that I have shared with you? Please check and confirm, Anil. Thanks

I dont see any screen shot here. I don’t see or reply on private messages. Sorry.