H1B-H4-H1B route for H1B currently in India, Spouse in USA on H1B

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I have stamped H1B Visa valid till 2020 (Non-utilized , never travelled). Unfortunately ramp-down happened , so I need to file for amendment (change in client). Which will take upto 6-8 months as premium proc hasn’t been started for new amendment I suppose. But I have to be there with my spouse asap in US.

Can I go on H4 after resigning here(as my spouse is working in US) and later do H1 Transfer after finding new sponsor?

Is it the best option available or you can guide me to another?


File H4 Visa

You can file H4 Visa and then travel to US to be with your H1B spouse.

File H4 to H1B change of status within USA

You can file H4 to H1B change of status while you are in US on H4 Visa. This is perfectly allowed.

You can read about scenarios for H1B to H4 to H1B route here in detail:

But how much time it takes for H1 to H4 conversion ? if it takes 5-6 months then again its of no use :frowning:

H1 to H4 conversion is also COS right ?

H4 Stamping can be done in a month with US embassy

If you are outside USA at this time, which you said you are, you can simply apply for H4 Visa stamping in US embassy and straightaway get H4.

H1B to H4 change of status is applicable if you are in US

The H1B to H4 change of status comes into picture ONLY when you are physically present in USA and do NOT want to go out of USA.

Changing status is applicable if you want to change status while staying in USA.

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Thanks Anil, Big Help.

one more question :

as per new premium processing timelines i.e before 21st Dec , Do you know or guess , when it will be opened for beyond 21st Dec amendments/transfer etc ? like if I raise an amendment now on 18th Feb 2019.

No idea about when USCIS will open premium processing for new H1B cases.

I will update premium processing re-opening as soon as I hear anything here.

@Anil_Gupta : If i haven’t travelled ever on my stamped H1B visa, H4 to H1 conversion can have high chance of denial ? is that so ?

Why would H4 to H1B conversion be denied? Why do you think so?

If your H1B Employer paperwork is fine, then i do not see any reason for denial.

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