H1B+H4 filing related and New Job joining date

Hi all,
My current H1B work authorization and project comes to an end by 06/28. I have a full time offer from health care industry. The company has agreed my joining with H1B receipt on June 1st.

My question is as follows.

  1. Currently my wife and kid are outside USA but will be returning to USA and join me by Memorial Day weekend. Attorney is suggesting to include the H4 petition along with H1 and send them together. Is it a good idea to wait until my dependents arrive in USA and file the petitions together? Or should I request the attorney to proceed with the H1 filing first and based on the receipt received file the H4 dependents petition? Please advise.
  2. My new employer has given me the joining date as June 1st with H1 receipt. But if I proceed as per point 1 (stated above), I will have to ask them to push my joining date by 3 weeks. Is it something doable to a new employer? Will that leave a bad impression about me with the employer, asking them to push the start date due to H1 filing? Please advise.

How will the attorney file H4 without the dependent physically present in US?

Are you sure you have told then your real situation?

Attorney is suggesting to wait to file my H1 petition also until my dependents enter US. So that they can file H1+H4 together.

They aren’t suggesting to file H4 when my dependents are not present in US.

Ok… that makes sense.

Its your choice to push the date or not. You can file H4 later as well. It depends on how urgently you want this new job.

Thank you very much @Anil_Gupta for your response. The attorney is suggesting that these days it is taking more time for USCIS to generate the H1B receipt notice. Hence, if the receipt notice doesn’t reach me before the expiry date, my dependents will fall under out of status. Hence, decided to wait for my dependents arrival and file H1+H4 together. Thanks again.