H1B extension Visa stamping in Canada after passport renewal

Hello Anil,

First of all - a big thank you for all your efforts on maintaining such helpful material on such a stressful topic. This has helped us a lot.

My scenario:

My Indian passport, I797 and I94 (that came with I797 extension) - all have an expiry date of May, 2019. My stamped US visa has already expired on October, 2016.

I have applied for a new passport that is due for arrival from the CKGS in another week. I am planning to visit the US embassy in Vancouver, Canada to get my visa stamping done on the new passport.

I have plans to travel to India in September this year and I want to avoid visa extension there because I have heard it’s a much hassle free process here in Canada.

My questions:

Any issue with stamping in Canada?

Do you foresee any challenges/issue I may face in going for a visa interview in Canada versus India?

i94 renewal at US Canada border after H1B stamping

Once my visa is stamped (most likely it will be stamped till May, 2019) - and I am returning via road to US, do I need to ask the CBP officer for a new I94?

Or will the one attached to the I797 approval work as its still valid. According to the CBP site, my I94 was last expired on Oct,2016 although I did get a new one with my I797 extension (till May, 2019).

H1B extension in 6th year with 2-3 months remaining in 6 year quota

I will have around 2-3 months left after May, 2019 on my 6 years of H1B. Have you seen cases, where this short of a duration has been approved if I go for a H1B extension?

Thanks for all the help!

Hi Chirag,

No Issue with H1B extension Stamping in Canada

I don’t see any issue with stamping in Canada. If anything has to go wrong, it can go wrong while stamping in India too. If your paperwork is fine, you should not worry and go ahead with your plan.

i94 is renewed at US canada border re-entry to US

Whenever you re-enter US after a new visa stamp from Canada, the i94 is renewed automatically.

You will see the renewed i94 online or they might give you a paper based i94 (normal standard procedure when entering US through car or walking).

H1B extension in 6th year

If i understand your question correctly, you mean H1B extension for period of 2-3 months?

Yes, people do apply for remaining time in 6 year quota and do get extensions. This is normal.
For H1B extension beyond 6 year, you would need PERM and i140 approvals.