H1B extension under premium while amendment pending for same client and location

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Today my husband’s employer has filed for his h1b extension in premium processing (EVC) model to Nebraska USCIS service center.

i94 expiring on Feb 20th, but amendment is still pending after submitting rfe for the same client and location which was submitted 2 weeks back. Reason for rfe employer employee relationship.

Earlier he was working for EC model with the same employer. Last July that project got over and moved to new client and location in EVP model for which his employer has applied for amendment in normal processing in July 2019 and he got rfe in Nov 2019, responded to the RFE in Jan, now applied for extension as his i94 is expiring.

The reason for not applying Amendment+extension together was because my husband got his i140 only on September 2019.

Now he got all the required documents from his employer, vendor and client. In SOW and client letter they have mentioned date and also they mentioned will renew every quarter for three years stating long term project , they are very supportive in providing everything which was needed for extension.

  1. Does extension can be approved while amendment pending or it will cause delay or any other issues.

We need your advice and thanks for your time and help.

Extension can be approved while amendment is pending.

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Thank you so much @Anil_Gupta :slight_smile:

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Hi @Anil sorry for my previous post, yes as you said now I have replied through my previous post.
A quick update, my husband’s amendment got approved yesterday after rfe response.

His employer filed for his extension in premium processing last Thursday for which yesterday he got the receipt no. Can you pls let us know what are the chances of getting extension approval. It’s for the same client which amendment got approved. EVP model.

While sending the rfe response for amendment in January he has not received the SOW from client as they issue only in Feb, but now while filling the extension he got the updated SOW and sent.

Chances of approval are good as amendment for same client has just been approved.

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Thank you very much @Anil appreciate your reply :slight_smile: will keep you updated regarding the extension.

Hi @Anil my husband’s extension got approved :slight_smile: he got the extension for 1 year according to the SOW end date which client gave, even though they mentioned will extend every year for up to 3 years and above, he got the approval for only 1 year now. Pls share you thoughts on this. Appreciate your inputs. Thank you very much for your guidance.

That’s normal these days. Many people are getting approval only for the SOW dates.

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Ok @Anil thank you very much