H1B extension - SOC COde 15-1199.09 IT Project Manager

Have 22 Years OF IT EXP and with Salary of 130K + , filing for extension (Approved 140) under SOC code 15-1199.09 , what are the odds of this getting approved (Nebraska center)


Odds of H1b extension approval are good if the paperwork is good.

The odds also change with the employer you are working with.

As per latest USCIS data, consultancy firms have high rate of H1B extension denials than product based companies.

Is 15-1199.09 IT project manager speciality occupation
I see this soc code has lot of rfe and denials

Managerial position is generally not considered a “Specialty occupation” as you do not need any specific technical knowledge of your work that cannot be performed by others.

If your job has indeed some area of work that needs specialized knowledge and you gained that knowledge using either your education degree or work experience, you may be eligible for H1B.

You should be good if your employer could not find any other American workers and have correctly documented everything including the job description showing specialty occupation requirements.

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