H1B extension security clearance status after RFE

Hi Anil,

Do you have any idea how much time USCIS usually takes in security checks, I git response on service request that case is pending for result on security checks.
Case History is as follows:
My H1 B amendment + extension is in California location and here is case history. 240 extended stay is completed in DEC mid and currently i am out of status.

Case was received : 27 January 2018
RFE mailed : 6 April 2018
Response to RFE received : 21 June 2018
USCIS employee/employer compliance Audit happened : November 2018

There is no time frame for security check. It usually can take anywhere between 1 week to 1 year.
With the current government shutdown, it is bound to be delayed even further.

so means no hope to get decision, can i go for premium after 20 Feb

Premium processing does not make any difference to ‘security check’ processing specifically.
It will be a waste of money.

USCIS cannot process your case in premium timeline if your case is in ‘security check’.
So, the only option is to wait and watch.