H1B Extension - RFE asking for latest paystub

Hi Anil/Experts - I’m working for fortune 50 company in USA on full time from past 3 years and when I filed for H1 extension in Feb 1 2021 on premium my attorney collected paystubs back in September 1 2020 when filing was done. Now I got RFE only in asking to submit pay stubs from Sep 1 2020 to current date? Do you think that it be approved or can we anticipate any challenge ? Thanks in advance

Any help here Anil, thank you

There should not be an issue as long you can submit genuine payslips.

Hi Anil thank you so much for your reply and yes My pay stubs are genuine and hope it will be approved soon thank you once for your response

It’s approved - Thank you Anil for your support , highly appreciated