H1B extension is denied and i have medical emergency, what option i have

Hi , i have a question regarding H1B denial. Question is if my H1B in progress and my wife is pregnant. we cannot travel. so in case my visa get denied .

  1. what option i have to buy some time for my wife , child and me ?
  2. can we apply B2 visa or something like that on medical ground ?
  3. As Denial or approval will come after i94 expiration, will it create any problem in getting medical visa.
  4. if we do , who can help and what need to done ?

H1B extension denial after i94 expiry

There is NO option to buy time once your H1B extension has been denied and i94 has already expired.
You should leave US within 7-10 days to avoid unlawful presence.

Apply B2 Visa after H1B denial

You can apply for B2 visa but you will have to leave US and then apply. You cannot stay in US and change your visa from H1B to B2 after H1B has been denied.