H1B Extension+H4+H4 EAD premium processing

I have a H1B valid till Aug2022 and my wife has H4 with visa and EAD till Aug2022. Now i am planning to file a H1B extension

Option 1:

File H1B extension in PP along with H4+H4 EAD → this is too expensive as my attorney charging extra 2500+800(H4)+800 (EAD), but not sure after H1B extension , how many days it will take to get approval for my spouse H4?

If this way i don’t get H4 extension by Aug 2022 then i have to plan a visit to Mexico/Canada to get her I94.
I would request any past experience , how many days it is taking to get H4 if we apply H1B(PP)+H4+H4EAD all together?


File H1B extension in PP+ Travel Mexico/Canada/India to get I94 based on my new H1B I797 and then apply H4 EAD online.

Please advice on this. Thank you in advance.

Go with option 2, but use CBP at Mexico or Canada border instead of India as that will need visa stamping if H4 visa is expired.

Below may help.

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Thank you Kalpesh for the response.
My spouse has valid visa on her passport till Aug2022, it this case does she travel India and in case if we don’t get drop box) then return with existing visa will issue a I94 extension at US POE with my H1B extension date?

Yes, make sure you fly before the visa expires unless new visa stamping is done.

Thank you Kalpesh.

My wife received her I94 extension based on my H1B I797 by visiting Cancun. Thank you for the guidance.

Now I am planning to interfile for EAD, however which address the documents should send? Do we need to send the documents to address available on I765 receipt or the initial address where the EAD documents sent? Please suggest.

In my case i sent all EAD documents initially to USCIS
Attn: H4
P.O. Box 20400
Phoenix, AZ 85036
and I765 has Vermont service center.

Send it to the center processing your EAD application.