H1B Extension denied, i94 still valid. Transfer approved with consular processing

I had Stamped Visa till 18 Aug, 2020 and passport also has same I94 date with Employer A.

I have transferred my H1 from Employer A to Employer B.
My H1 transfer with Employer B approved and received I94 details in I797A till 10th Mar, 2020.
When I applied for extension with Employer B, I have got denial initially.
Then Employer B has applied extension through Consular process.
New Consular process petition with Employer B has been approved and received I797B copy without I94 details.

My I94 date in online I94 website still showing as 18 Aug, 2020 only.

My passport and I94 website showing future I94 date, but I797 copy has expired I94 date.
Can anyone confirm, what is my I94 date now?

Also, Should I go for stamping to activate my I94 or can I make use of Automatic Revalidation option to generate I94 and start working in USA?

Kindly suggest.

When was this Extension with Employer B filed and is your payroll currently running with Employer B?

Your old i94 is not valid now as your extension was denied.