H1B Extension and transfer in parallel for same client

Hi All,

Please let me know if anyone has idea about the below situation.

I am working for employer A for client X. As my visa expiring in next 2 months my employer A has filed H1B extension in regular processing very recently.

Now, employer B who also works for client X wants to transfer my visa and started filing my visa in Premium processing. Will it be a problem for getting the transfer approved for employer B because of multiple petitions for same client ?

USCIS rule says that multiple Employers should not file H1B for same end job.

Hi Anil, Thanks for your reply.

I believe the one you said is 2018 rule for H1B cap subject petitions that will go thru lottery.

Mine is a non cap H1B and my current visa extension is filed in regular whereas transfer will be filed in premium next week.

In this scenario, USCIS first looks into the transfer case right bcoz its premium? Will they look into the other pending petitions of the candidate when approving transfer? If yes, will they look into the clients of the pending petitions? Like extension of employer A will not be opened by that time they take decision on Employer B transfer petition right. Please let me know.

USCIS now considers each application as new application.

I cannot guess as to which application will be looked at first.

You may get approval for both too. It all depends on USCIS.