H1b Extension+Amendment transferred to Nebraska from California

Hi Anil,

My case was filed as Amendment + Extension with the California center on September 11th and it was transferred to the Nebraska center on 9th January.
The notice said that they have completed a preliminary review of the application.When can i expect the result ?

You can expect result on or before march last week.

Thank you so much Anil.

Hi Anil

How you are saying he can expect result March last week ?
Mine is also of same dates but it was a transfer. Any idea how long does it gonna take ?


I estimate based on the current timelines and it changes daily based on how much approval data is shared by other users.

Thanks Anil for the Quick response.
Is it same for Transfer case as well ?
My case is also transferred on Jan10.


Yes, it’s same for transfer case as well.

Hi Anil, My H1b amendment + extension was filed on Oct-18 at California centre and on 12/18/18 the case was transferred to Nebraska. When can i expect the final status?

You can expect result on or before April third week. Nebraska is processing cases faster.

Thanks Anil for the info. .

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Update: My extension was approved on Feb 6th 2019. Just took less than a month after transfer to Nebraska.

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Great. Congratulations and enjoy.

Thank you very much Anil…

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