H1B expiration PERM processing


I am currently under a valid H1B VISA (5th year) with my employer, which will expired 6/6/2021. My employer is planning to file PERM for me (hasn’t file yet, still in the process preparing documentation).

  • How long the current PERM process will take between files prevailing wage request to post filing approval?
  • Is it too late for me to file PERM? If PERM petition hasn’t been approved prior to 6/6/2021, will I lose the H1B VISA status?
  • I spent 50 days outside of US back to 2015, Can I file H1B extension to recapture those days now?
  • My employer plan to file my PERM using a future role. If they file the H1B amendment, will my H1B expiration date change?
  • My spouse is under H1B status also, should I consider to transfer to H4 EAD right now? Or if it is too risky due to the current H4 EAD revocation?
  • If H4 EAD is an option, do I have the option to do H1B - H4 EAD - H1B pending PERM approval with the same employer? (Once get PERM approval, can my employer file COS back to H1B, and file I140)

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Please read this as it has answers to all your questions:

Thank you for the information.