H1B DS 160 - Current employer name when Filing transfer from outside USA

Hi @Anil_Gupta need your help please.
My h1 extension got denied and I traveled back to India and filed a new with a US employer and I have got the approval on that.

  1. I am still with my old employer in India and will join the new employer in US once I reach there, so should I fill my current employer as the India one in ds-160 in current employer question? If yes then I don’t think there is any section to declare the US/future one

  2. As per questionnaire it shows I am eligible for drop box(extension denied but never visa, last h1 expired less than a year ago) so should I use drop box?

  3. My previous employer filed perm but it was withdrawn before approval due to some issue, so never i-140 filed so in section does anyone filed immigration petition should be no, right?

  4. I hear sometime even in drop box they call for interview, so any insights on that.

It would be great if you can help on above please.

Current Employer in DS 160 after H1B transfer approval from India

You should write what your real current employer is.
Since your H1B transfer has been approved for future employment, you are okay.

Use Dropbox if eligible

There is no option to use dropbox or not. If you are eligible, the online appointment system will not let you schedule a visa interview appointment.

PERM withdrawn and i140 never filed - DS160

You should answer ‘No’ as i140 was never filed for your case.

Dropbox - Call for interview

Yes, it is possible that you may be called for interview after submitting your H1B stamping documents at VFS center.

This is normal and no need to worry.

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Thanks a lot for the quick reply, really appreciate it!! Thank you so much…

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