H1B Dropbox Eligible but H4 dependents are not

Hi Anil, could you please help me with following question:

  1. I am the primary H1B applicant, got visa stamping in Jan 2018 in Hyd consulate and changed the employer in August 2018. As per the VFS website I’m eligible for the drop box.


  1. My wife & Daughter (H4 visa) had their last visa stamped back in 2013 and their stamped visa expired in 2015. I have added them to the same application, but VFS website didn’t prompt for any questions for my wife & daughter. It prompted the regular questions for the primary applicant (H1B) and shows that we all are eligible for the dropbox.

I just want to clarify if my family is eligible for the dropbox? I’d really appreciate your quick response and any opinion

It sounds like you made a mistake while answering questions for your H4 dependents.
When you add your dependent (H4) to VFS website, it would ask questions specific to that newly added DS-160 and not the primary H1B.

If your dependents are not eligible for dropbox, they should appear for interview.
If any one in the whole group is NOT eligible for dropbox, the whole group has to appear for interview.