H1b Dropbox Eligibility

Hi Anil,

I got my 1st H1b Visa extension (3 yrs of H1b used from Oct 2015 to June 2018), and after extension approval (I797 with validity until Mid 2021) I moved from Company A to Company B, have H1b transfer approval notice (I797 with validity until Mid 2021).
On my visa, I have h1b stamping with date until June 2018 and as Company A, So when I travel to India I need to get it stamped.
Am I eligible for Dropbox? with I797 from the company B, can I use for DS160 and apply for Dropbox? Will the Visa have company B in the stamping?
Thanks for the help Anil.

Hi @Kish
Use this app to check if you are eligible for Dropbox:

Thanks a lot Anil. I am eligible for Dropbox. Should be helpful for others as well

Great. All the best. Enjoy.

Hi Anil,

I got my H1b Extension filed with current location (A) approval in Jan 2020 ,Validity until Dec 2022. My current project ending soon with Location A. Recently i got new project in Location B.

Now due to Family emergency suppose to Travel India Soon. I am eligible for Drop box. Can i carry existing approval I 797 copy and go for Drop box? Appreciate your help and response.


I recently renewed my passport[in Sep] and H1B visa[in July]. Am I eligible for Dropbox in this scenario? If not, is it safe to travel to India given the US embassy is allowing only emergency appointments[for biometric/stamping]? Please let me know if my understanding is incorrect.