H1B drop box with 221g pending, got the new H1B extn approved. I'm i eligible for dropbox with new extn petition?

I went for H1B drop box In March,2020 and received 221g. Consulates in india not accepting any 221g F2F interviews for submission of documents. Old petition is expiring this December, so applied for new H1B extn last week and got approval thru consular processing in india. Question, is the new petition eligible for Dropbox when the old one is still pending with 221g? Consulates are accepting new extensions thru dropbox but they are not processing old 221gs currently. Kindly clarify/help on my case as i stranded in india last 7 months with family separation. Thanks in advance.

Thanks Anil. The app says eligible. Do I need to withdraw my old or pending application which is stuck with 221G before i apply for second drop box using new petition? Also any downstream impact if i withdraw my old application. Appreciate any help on clarifying this.

Its your choice.

The chances are high that second application will also get form 221g.

Dropbox does not mean that you can skip form 221g.

It depends on what has been requested in form 221g administrative processing.

Did u get your old visa stamped as” CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE” when you got 221g?
Please let me thanks
My case is same.
I got 221g and got my valid visa with old employer as CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Am I still eligible for Dropbox?

Hi, I am in same situation. My previous visa was stamped as “Cancelled Without Prejudice” when I got 221g during dropbox and later when I attended interview I got stamping done. Now I am planning for stamping am I eligible for dropbox? Did you get your visa stamping done?

Hi Venkat,

Can you update on this… Did u get your visa…
Can We apply dropbox with pending 221g?