H1b Denied due to specialty occupation in 10th year extension

I was on H1b since 2008 and have an approved I140. I changed my employer in April 2018 and joined the client on receipt.

The old employer I guess has revoked my H1b in June 2018. I got a denial in August 2018 as USCIS was saying that the company has more than 50 employees and the Company is saying they have 42 employees.

So the company where I was working asked me to look for a new client which I got cleared the interview and joined them, my company applied for a new H1b and that got denied due to the specialty occupation in Nov.

I went back to India applied for H4 and now applied for H4EAD and waiting on the same.

Now I have a project in hand H4 ead is in progress and they are applying for H1b in premium.

What are the chances of H1b getting approved? afraid because of my past H1b denial.
Can you share some thoughts on this please?

Each H1B approval depends on the paperwork submitted for the job.

If its the same job that was denied earlier, the chances are high for a denial again.

No it is not the same. Thanks