H1B denied , can we reapply if COS B2 is still Pending

Hi Anil,

My H1B extension denied and I-94 expired. Currently applied for COS from H1B to B2 and still the decision is pending. Below are my questions.

  1. Can my employer Re-apply for the H1B again with different roles and responsibilities
  2. If my employer reapply then Can I work with the receipt number
  3. Do I need to go for stamping again if my H1B gets approved.

Thank you in advance

When was B2 COS applied? Before or after i94 expiry and after denial or before denial?

It was applied after I-94 expiry .

I can’t really help if you depend on asking me the questions about your case to understand the situation clearly.

You have not mentioned when you applied B2 - after denial or before denial.

Hi Anil,

The COS from H1B to B2 was applied after the I-94 expiry . I did mentioned it my earlier post , but not sure why it is not reflecting.

Thanks in advance.