H1B denied and H1B transfer to new employer while B2 is pending

Hi Anil,

My extension got denied and I-94 expired and I applied for the B2 vistiors visa. My question is if apply for H1B transfer with the new employer does it have any impact on my H1B.

I believe both will be different but just wanted to clarify and confirm and what are the chances of H1B transfer in this COVID-19 situations


You will need to apply B2 to H1B change of status along with transfer.

Chances of approval depend on your Employer’s paperwork.

You may not get the approval with new i94 as you are going to file it after your i94 expiry.

Thanks Anil. Can I work with the Receipt number with the new employer or Do I need to wait till the transfer is Approved ?

If the transfer is Approved then what will happen to the previous H1B (I mean Company A) will it get revoked automatically.

You cannot work with H1B Receipt in your case.

Previous H1b is irrelevant now.

Thanks Anil…following up on the same …I filed for COS from H1B to B2 , Can I look for other opportunities, I mean attend interviews and get the JOB and Join with that company? will there be any issue in the future ?

I suggest to file H1B on consular processing even if you find a new employer.