H1B denial + MTR + H1B transfer

Hello Anil,

My friend’s h1b extension got RFE and it is denied now. ( I-94 expired 2 months ago)
(Reason : Studied Civil Engineering in her Masters).
So her employer is opening an MTR. In parallel she is looking for her h1b transfer.

  1. Should the MTR be opened, right after the denial? (or) anytime to 33 days of denial?
  2. How good option it is, to stay in the country while MTR is open.
  3. What are the approval chances for her h1b transfer with Civil engineering background. [She submitted equivalent affidavits from professors here to support her Masters degree while responding to RFE].
  4. Can she stay in the country with an open MTR & Open h1b transfer?
  5. Must she go for h1b stamping, after her h1b transfer is approved?

Please suggest.Thank you.

Hi @pmd2019

I have answered most of the questions related to H1B denial and then MTR chances here.

She can file H1B transfer but staying in US is risky.