H1B counselor processing international travel

Hi Anil,

My H1B petition for CAP 2020 was recently approved. The lawyers at my company are awaiting original papers to come through from USCIS.

I plan to travel internationally to Europe from Oct 18th - Oct 27th. Since my case was filed under counselor processing (meaning, I would need to get my visa stamped from US consulate in order to activate my H1), can I make this international travel on my current visa i.e. H4?

I plan on getting my visa stamped in November or December. Please let me know.

Hi @gaurna

You can travel outside USA with no issues.

Thanks for the reply Anil, just to confirm, im currently on h4ead, and in the US. Im planning to leave US on 18th October and return on 27th October on h4 visa even though my H1b has been approved under counselor processing. Can i get my h1b visa activated and stamped in December?

Yes, you can get your H1B visa stamped anytime you wish as it has been approved as ‘consular processing’.