H1B consular processing approved for two months


I had my H1B amendment + Extension denied and that caused the out of status situation and I had to travel back to my home country.

As I was still continuing to work remotely for my client from the home country my employer filed for a new H1 under consular processing.

This application after being under processing for 8 months has finally been approved but only for 2 months.
As the duration is very short I am having hard time getting the visa appointment. Since the case has been approved for 2 months under consular processing, can I apply for extension to the Nebraska service center and get the extension done and then go for visa stamping?

or is it mandatory to first get the visa stamping done for the 2 months approval since it is a consular processing ? Can you please help me know ?

Hi @sandy54

You can file for an H1B extension first, get its approval and then go for visa stamping. There is no such condition that you should first get stamping with short H1B approval, which you currently have.

Thankyou for the reply, I had this question to check if consular processing approval works differently and from your reply I understand that it works the same way(as regular h1B approval except for no I-94) and I can file extension first and try to get approval.