H1B case moved from California to Nebraska - premium processing allowed?

Hello Anil, found the information on this site very useful with answers in very simple and straight forward. Have a query on my H1B extension.

H1B extension moved from California to Nebraska

My H1B extension was filed at California Center in May 15 and the case was transferred to Nebraska Center on Oct 01.

H1B extension RFE

Got RFE status on 7Nov.

i94 240 days expiring mid Jan 2019

Its nearly now 170 days after my i94 expired and 240 days date is mid of Jan 2019.

Same employer but client changed in Jan 2018

Am with same employer from past 5 years and same Client from Jan 2018.

Is my case eligible for Premium processing at this Center?

Does USCIS have any info available regarding such cases in their website?

Was your earlier H1B approval for same client that you started work for in Jan 2018?

Client and Job profile change - are changed H1B

Client and job profile changes are considered ‘changed’ extension application and may not be eligible for premium at Nebraska center at this time.

Talk to employer attorney to know if your H1B changed

You should talk to your employer attorney as they know yoir H1B details to see if anything has ‘changed’.
If not changed, you can upgrade your application is elogelig for premium processing upgrade.

Client has changed as what its now. Will check with my employer attorney for options.

Do let me know of any other options available to expedite this…
Thank you.

Did you file H1B Amendment when your client changed?

Also, what is the RFE for? What documents has USCIS requested?

As the previous client and current project client are within 35 miles, amendment was not filed.

no details available still on the RFE docs as the case status changed to RFE yesterday.

ok. so, you moved within same MSA.

yes…no change except new client account and address.

I think ‘new client account’ application will be counted as ‘change’ for the purpose of H1B extension premium processing eligibility at Nebraska service center.