H1b bridge petition approved, got a RFE on New Petition stating how did you maintain the status

Hi Anil,
My Bridge petition was approved and my H1b period was reduce to Jan 17/2020. My Original petition Prior to Filing Amendment and Extension was getting Expired on Jan 31/2020.

  1. I have a RFE on New Petition (New Client) stating how did you maintain your status from Jan 17/2020 till you send your new Petition for New Client on March 20/2020. Attached is the Screen shot of RFE for your reference, appreciate your advice please ? Seeing the Current COVD Situation and Travel Ban, If they approve with Consulate process do I still need to Exit the Country and go for Consular process in India.

  1. To maintain Right to Control (Employer to Employee Relationship) and minimum Education needed for this job, my prime Vendor and Client, refused to share supporting documents related to A) Right to Control by Employer and B) Minimum requirement is Bachelors degree,
    so what are my options to get my Case Approved
    – Please advice Can they deny my case, if we do not share proper Evidences on Right to Control and Minimum requirement is Bachelor degree for QA Tester job.
    – Any other Alternative way you are aware of which may help me

Consular processing does mean that you have to go out and renter to get new i94.

You have to submit the documents requested by USCIS. There is no other way that i know of.

Thank you for your response.