H1B and H4 Stamping Dropbox - With approved H1B and H4, 1-539 Pending Approval

I cam to US on H1B, with employer A in 2017. My inital stamping expired on May 2019. I changed my Employer in 2019 to consultant role and recently in Jan 2020, I moved to a permantent role (In short, I had two employer changes).
I got my H1B petition approved, but H4, I539 for my depedants are not approved yet.
I have to travel, because of a family emergency and planning to travel by march first week. I filled DS160 and when applying for visa appointment, because of the Interview Waiver extension, it is showing me as eligible for Interview Waiver and I took Dropbox appointment (Looks like change in employer is not a criteria for interview waiver eligibility).
Can you please confirm whether not having approved extension for dependants can cause any issue? Do we have to submit the receipt notice for I539 for H4 drop box? Dropbox appointment is together for H1 and H4s.