H1b amendment reduced the original petition validity

H1b approved for 3 years for client A and again have done ammendment for client B and got approved for one year .thereby reducing i94 duration

I have got an opportunity from client A , so planning back to previous location and withdraw my current approved amendment,going back to previous location.

Is there any risk on the above process

I don’t see any risk with going back and working for old client based on approved H1B.

In my previous location , I have validity up to 2021 and my present location have validity up to dec 2019 . If I withdraw my current approved amendment which is approved for one year and go back to previous approved petition which is approved for 3 years then I am not required to file an amendment ??

If you are going back to work as per the terms and conditions of the approved H1B, then there is no need to file Amendment.

Thanks for the quick response , sorry for more questions . So if I withdraw my approved amendment it will always point to my earlier petition right .

I have same employer who filed both the petitions , so it won’t overtire my previous petition right ??

Thanks so much I’m advamce

Each H1B approval is considered separate.

Your old h1B approval if currently valid will remain valid unless it is explicitly withdrawn by your employer.

once Last question

Do I really need to withdraw my current approved amendment and inform uscis??

Since I have a reduced i94 in my new location , so once I withdraw my ammedemt, my i94 would again change back as per my previous petition??

If you are not using the approved Amendment, your employer is obligated to withdraw it.