H1B Amendment Processing from India, never traveled to US, H1B stamped in passport

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I got my H1B Visa stamped last sep 17 in India, I haven’t traveled to US, now I’m applying for visa amendment for location change via regular processing. How much time it will take for Amendment to get approved via regular processing, Whether possible to travel with amendment filed receipt or as I am a first time traveler, it is mandatory to travel with amendment approved notice.

  1. You can travel to US with the H1B visa stamp that you currently have in your passport, provided, it has not expired.

  2. Carry your H1B amendment notice (or receipt number) with you as it might be asked by immigration officer at US port of entry. You should have all details about your H1B amendment.

  3. The current approval times for H1B amendment in regular processing are pretty high in the range of 150 days. Check your receipt number and see which processing center has your application.

We have the updated times available here for tracking:

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Hi Team,
I got my H1B Visa stamped last sep 17 in India, I haven’t traveled to US, now I’m joining another employer in India , is it possible to do H1B transfer from India,
How much time it will take via regular processing, also could you please let me know,still I can do visa transfer, even if my old employer revoke my visa, once I informed them about my resignation. Need your guidance here.

  1. Yes, your new Employer can file for your H1B transfer (also called change of employer petition) from India.

  2. You will have to get a new H1B visa stamp in your passport, if the old employer withdraws the H1B on your resignation.
    New employer will have to get the new H1B application filed with consular processing.
    It is advisable to get the new Visa stamp too from US embassy before travel with new employer’s H1B.

Thanks for the reply
Could you please let me know, how much time it will take, also whether I need to undergo lottery process or direct processing of application is possible.

Direct processing is possible without lottery.