H1b amendment plus extension Consulate notified is blank

Hi Anil,

I got the below email for my amendment plus extension

Beneficiary: KXXXXXXXXXX
DOB: xxxxxxxx
Classification sought: H1B
Starting Validity Date: 03/31/2020
Ending Validity Date: 12/30/2022
Consulate notified (if applicable):
I-94 # (if applicable): xxxxxxxx

As it says consulate notified is blank
Do you think i got the extension approval along with i94?

FYI im still waiting for the recipt notice

Is there a valid i94 number?

I am not sure why your employer is not giving you clear information.

Yes there is a valid i94 number,

I didn’t get the approval notice yet , just that my petition is in premium and i got an email saying above yesterday, i want to check if i94 will get attached or not

I cannot tell with this limited information. You should wait for actual approval notice.

But, if i94 number has been given in approval, then chances are high that your extension has been approved with a new i94.


Did you got approval notice as I-797A with I-94 attached or I-797B?

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Hi @kamalakar_r

I’m in similar situation like consulate notified as blank…Can you please tell me whether you have received i797 A along with I-94 for extension or I797B?

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Does your start date in the New H1B is before your previous H1B i94 date ?

I got i797b. We will never know with that details

Beneficiary: Axxxxxxxxxx
Beneficiary Country of Citizenship:
Classification sought: H1B
Starting Validity Date: 12/01/2021
Ending Validity Date: 11/30/2024
Consulate notified (if applicable):
I-94 # (if applicable): xxxxxxx
Occupation/Job Code: 090


I am looking to transition from B2 to H1b. My petition was filed when my B2 extension was not approved, although biometrics were done.

Does it mean that COS has been allowed?

Thanks a ton for your forum

Yes, based on the start and end dates, it looks like your COS to H1B was approved with a H1B I94 valid for 3 years.

thnaks for your response sir