H1B amendment not filed - will it be an issue in visa stamping?


I am full timer in Insurance company since July 2019 and my petition is valid till 2022.

Sometime in 2017 when I was a consultant, I changed from one project to another for a short period of 8 months, the amendment was never filed since I was working from home but for a different state where my client was.

Would that be an issue when I go a visa stamping now or would that be a red flag now for a visa interview?

Help is much appreciated


Why did you not file an amendment? Any reason?

Where was your payroll run from?

If there is no trail, then you might just be okay. Just be careful while answering questions in interview.

Since this was a work at home project and technically this was for 6 months and extended to 10 months I did not file amendment.

Payroll was run by my employer. If at all there is a trail then it would be W2 which will show Illinois as one of it.

If asked in the interview how do so handle this situation?


Legally, you have to file an H1b amendment if there is a change in work location or work.

As per my opinion, the amendment should have been filed.

I don’t know how will you justify it. You must have thought about it when you actually did it. You have taken a known risk so you should talk to your employer as to how it should be handled.