H1B Amendment impact of H4 EAD processing

Hi All,

I got my PERM approved recently. I will get i140 approved through premium processing in a month. i need to apply for H4 EAD for my wife after that.

If I get promotion/internal role change and amendment needs to be filled for that, will that delay H4 EAD processing?
Or shall I apply for H4 EAD first and then ask my employer to give promotion and apply for it later? maybe a month or two later?
I don’t want to delay H4 EAD processing.

Please let me know how long do i need to wait after applying for H4 EAD, to file my amendment for promotion/internal role change?

PERM is a future/green card job and so unless you plan to be with your current employer till you get your green card, it doesn’t make sense to file I-140 amendment on any promotion/job role changes. If you change the employer after the I-140 is approved, your new employer will anyways need to restart the PERM process so why bother to amend I-140 at all.

Based on how much the role and job duties change, you might have to file H1B amendment.

Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for your response.

Sorry for the confusion.
I wanted to know how long should i wait [after applying for H4 EAD] to apply for H1B Amendment [role change/promotion].

i read from another thread in this forum that if i apply for both H1B amendment and H4 EAD together, H1B amendment gets processed first and then H4 EAD. I want H4 EAD first and then i can look for promotion.

You don’t need to if your current H1B is valid for at least couple of years to you can get a log validity EAD. Otherwise file the H1B amendment in premium and once approved file H4 EAD.