H1B Amendment for promotion - Denial or Approval affects my current H1B?


I have an approved H1B till July 2020. I got promoted recently and my company has asked me to file an amendment stating that.

What would happen in the following scenarios

  1. If my amendment gets approved, will there be a date change in my current approval status? In other words, if the amendment approval has only till June 2020 then will that override my old approval date?
  2. If my amendment gets denied, does it mean that my promotion is invalid and i can still work in my previous h1b approval? What will happen in my next extension since I am still promoted in my company?

Any help is appreciated.


The amendment may come with a shorter or full approval as requested in the petition. It can be shorter than your current H1B validity too.

The old H1B stays valid irrespective of what happens to the amendment application.

If amendment is denied, you cannot work for that position (with promotion). You can go back to work as per the terms and conditions of old H1B approval though.

You cannot stay in US if amendment is denied and you do not want to go back to your earlier position for work.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Appreciate it.