H1b amendment (for location change) was denied and h1 extension is in progress

I was working at location A and client A. Later filed the amendment for the same client but for location B. I got RFE and responded on time. Few months later, h1 extension was filed for location B.
After a month, my amendment was denied.
Is it legal to work at location B still? Though amendment got denied and extension for location B is in progress?
i94 is not expired yet.

Hi @Pradeep_K

You are legal to work as long as extension is pending.

What is the reason of denial?

I strongly suggest to change Employer by filing H1B transfer as the chances of extension denial are also very high.

Thank you Anil for your response. I am yet to get the denial notice from company.
Yeah, I am actually planning to change.

Hi Anil

Is it allowed to file H1 Extension for same client, role and location, if Amendment is still pending with uscis?

Yes, its allowed to file extension.

Hi Anil,
Could you please let me know if you have any idea on the below ask -
My h1 extension is in progress and previous petition is approved till May 1st, 2020. If I get a job offer, how can I proceed with H1 transfer?

Should new company initiate the H1 transfer along with extension ?

Hi @Pradeep_K

Each H1B transfer application is automatically an extension too.