H1B amendment for Customer and work location changes

HI, Have few questions regarding the amendment process in the H1B.

I have a valid H1B till March 2022 (stamped), in November last year, my employer filed an amendment to my H1B, due to change in customer and work location, this week this amendment is also got approved.


  1. Do I need to go for any visa stamping based on this new amendment approval ? I am in India right now and as I said, I already have stamped H1B on my passport valid till March 2022

  2. If this new approved amendment petition comes with lesser validity, will I still be able to have an unrestricted entry in the US till March 2022

  3. Will I be able to file an another amendment petition, and on the receipt notice of it, be able travel on that location in the US before, Dec 31st 2020 (travel ban date) ?


You can travel to the US using valid visa stamp in passport as last as the petition is also valid on the date of your entry.

New amendment can be filed too.