H1b Amendment + Extension RFE

Hello Anil,

Sorry to ask you this question but have some doubt. My h1b amendment + extension is filled and got RFE for new client. Let’s say if i get denied can i work based on previous approval it is valid till dec 2020. or not as my employer has filled both together?

Also, my new client is ready to give client letter but it takes time to get it and i don’t have much time to respond RFE, also they are not ready to give SOW/MSA. Is is ok to submit RFE response without those docs.? I have badge, timesheets and email conversation with me.?

please guide me these two questions.


You can go back to work as per the old approved H1B if its still valid in case of H1B amendment denial.

The documents that you should submit are mentioned in the RFE request letter. You should submit all the letters to improve chances of approval.

You have not mentioned which all documents have been requested by USCIS. Hence, i cannot say if only client is sufficient or not.

Required docs are paystubs, business of employer, relationship between employer - employee, how my degree is related to work, my regular work, and all others docs are related to my employers.

Lawyer has mentioned Sow/MSA to submit with client letter if possible. I have client letter but as per SOW its short term so we are waiting for long date client letter.

But, if i wait to get it i may missed to reply RFE. Is it ok to put short term letter and mentioned details in lawyer draft letter?

You can submit whatever client letter you have if you cannot get a longer duration letter within RFE response last date time frame.

It is possible that USCIS approves your H1b only upto the date mentioned in client letter or SOW.