H1B amendment denied , H1b extension in-progress (NOID)


My original approved H1b petition was valid till Dec 2018, I- 94 expiry till 10-Jan-2019 for location A.

For location B H1- Amendment filed earlier (May 2018) in California Center, later H1B extension filed in (Nov 2018) in Nebraska Center later converted from (Regular to Premium) (Dec 2018), for same client/ location (B) but both petition received RFE separately during Jan 2019.

After RFE response from employer finally H1B extension got NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) serious RFE (April 4 2019) & Amendment got denied(April 12 2019), what is the chance of getting approval for h1b extension currently in NOID and is it possible to stay in same location (B) until H1B extension submitted, since amendment was denied ?

The chances of H1B approval after NOID are very low unless your employer has a very strong reason to defend the RFE.