H1B amendment denied and extension went to RFE at Nebraska

Hi Team**

My H1B visa valid till and i94 06/15/2019 . My amendment request got denied and extension went to RFE. My wife is expectant mother and delivery date is on September 12.

My amendment and extension both upgraded to premium.

What is the maximum and minimum duration to respond to the RFE by cognizant for premium cases?

What is probability of extension to get approved?

Do I need to travel back to my previous location due to amendment denied response?

The time to respond to RFE is mentioned in the RFE letter itself. Usually, it is 60 days.

The probability of extension approval depends on the reason of denial for amendment.
Do you know the reason for denial?

My employer yet to receive the denial notice.My amendment went to California and extension went to Nebraska

What was requested in Amendment RFE?

Thanks for your quick response!!!

Employer do not share the complete details to us. They used ask client details and manager/ client letter. Employer yet to receive the RFE details from USCIS.
Can I stay in my current location until we get the final decision from USCIS?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to guide you until you can share the details. My answers would be meaning less without proper information.

You can stay at current location only if the extension you filed also had the same client and job details. But, chances are very high for denial if the Amendment RFE / Denial has not been addressed.


Amendment denied the case citing lack of specialty occupation proof and my employer planned no to take any further action on my amentment denial.

ok…sorry to hear about the denial.

There are very high chances of extension denial as well if it is for same job profile and same client.

Thanks Anil for your valuable suggestion.

Hey Dinesh I am in same situation. What is the status of your application and What was the RFE about?


My extension has been denied

Sorry to hear about it. Can you please share the reason?

Hi Dinesh,

Do you know the reason for denial?