H1b Amendment denial options

Hello all,
I got a Amendment Denial today from USCIS. The document is yet to be received from USCIS.
My i94 is valid until Dec 2019. What are my options now.

  1. Am I out of status now?
  2. Can I move to the base location from where my original H1b was approved?
  3. Can I find another employer who can file my H1b transfer?
  4. Can my employer file another amendment?


You are ‘out of status’ but you can go back to old location or client to work and get back to H1B status.

You can file H1B transfer and your employer can file another amendment too.

Thanks Anil,
a follow up question. What if at the old client the job is no more available. Can my employer file another amendment at the current location with another client?

Please advise.

You can file another amendment but cannot start work until the amendment is approved.

my employer is planning to apply for Amendment and extension together now with another client.
So we need to wait until this gets approved?

You should wait if you are not able to maintain status as per the currently approved H1B application.

Rest depends on your employer and attorney.

Can I have an H1b transfer also done in parallel to the extension and amendment?

How @Coolbuzz

You can file H1B transfer too.